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Tailor-made, it is a work in your image, according to your tastes, your style and your preferences. You have a point of interest, yours or those of others… whatever, I am open to your suggestions, everything is possible… why not! 

You start by choosing a few photos of your subject, a format (the sizes) and the type of support (canvas, paper, etc.) that interests you, you send me everything and we will discuss together in person, by telephone and my preferences. goes to the video meeting (Messenger / Face time / Skype or other).

Following our video meeting, an estimate will be provided to you.   The price I offer is all inclusive. When the first payment (the deposit) is made, then I go into action and I proceed with the creation. During the process you will be offered a few versions, you are the decision maker. In other words, you have the last word.

Your finished work will be delivered to you and your package will be given to you against signature and will contain the work as well as a certificate of authenticity. 

Here art is an accessible and affordable adventure; You think you're asking for the impossible, let's see if it's possible! A simple and pleasant customer experience, contact me and you're done! 

Looking forward to reading you.

Easy, fast, just fun. 



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