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a little about me



Born in Canada, province of Quebec, I grew up in Saguenay. Following studies in interior design, I deepened my knowledge of art history and plastic arts at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

I have exhibited my works in galleries in Quebec (Montreal, Quebec, Chicoutimi, Baie St-Paul) and in British Columbia (Vancouver). I also participated in several symposiums in Quebec until 2003 when I ceased all commercial activity. I took my brushes back in 2010 to abandon them again and embark on the new adventure of the stylus and the digital tablet.

My artistic activity is the reflection of an inner world, a colorful space made of games, shadows and light, full and empty. 

Acrylic on canvas remains my favorite choice until the day I discover the fascinating possibilities of digital art. 
This art invites me to explore new worlds, a universe where everything is possible, a space of pure joy and a deep place in an intimacy without inside or outside.

Today this site becomes a tool to transmit this love story with creation and thus tell the journey that animates the why of my gestures and flights in the absolute freedom of this moment when the work exceeds the creator that I am. to live on its own. 

I'm not so comfortable with writing, I prefer handling colors and shapes to words... but who knows where this composition exercise will lead? I will perhaps pass from scribbling to writing to finish woman of the pen skilful in storytelling. Who knows, we'll see!

On the blog, for each article, I offer a story on the path that leads to the realization of a work as well as the color of the emotions, beautiful or less beautiful, which accompany it and bring it to life. A story in my head that makes it become what it is, sometimes true and sometimes imaginary but always born of my intimacy with life, with the experience of this moment when this intense desire manifests in me to create a universe from which it will be born.

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